Bounce Strength Level 1 Certshop

Bounce Strength Level 1 Certshop

The Fit Forte Bounce Strength Certshop is an effective fusion class designed for instructors who have rebound and basic fitness knowledge looking to offer a format that sets them apart. This 30 minute class is made up of set, timed intervals that incorporate cardio and variable intensity strength moves using a mini trampoline and weights. You’ll raise your students’ heart rates and increase their endurance during the low impact, rebound section and use weighted, compound movements to build muscle in the strength section.

Throughout our digital Certshop you’ll learn:
• The benefits of rebounding.
• Proper form and basic moves.
• Simple combinations on the rebounder the are fun and easy to follow.
• Full body compound strength combinations that also focus on balance.
• To improve your teaching style for the three modes of learning.
• To modify and progress for different levels.

Our Certshop includes a Master Class taught by the Founder and the Master Trainer of Fit Forte, as well as a complete breakdown of the format and suggestions for making the class uniquely yours.

This workshop is intended for experienced instructors or trainers.

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Bounce Strength Level 1 Certshop